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Introducing the OPEDGE Gaming Desk!

Our goal to provide the perfect gaming experience has finally been achieved. For years we have sought to perfect your seating experience for the ultimate ergonomic fit to your unique body size and positioning. However, despite removing all pain points in the chair there still was one glaring weakness in our vision for a complete rig. The desk itself. For years people have been forced to use low quality compressed sawdust table tops with sharp edges. These easily scratched tables have sharp edges that can dig into your wrists and forearms during long gameplay. In our eyes this was the next frontier in completing our ultimate gaming experience. Because as we all know, every gamer loves a good battlestation, but no setup is complete without an elite desk to pull it all together. Therefore, after more than a year of research, testing, market comparisons, we are proud to present the OPEDGE Gaming desk! The final level for your gaming experience.

The Research

Our quest began with a detailed analysis of the markets offerings. What were other people selling, what were the shortcomings beyond the previously mentioned ergonomic optimizations. While many people provide the same electric standing desk, they all also used the same low quality table top. This was because the legs themselves are rather expensive to produce and in order to provide an affordable product these companies were required to make an ultra cheap table top.

This also has two major downsides.

First, gamers don’t game standing up. They want a perfectly fine tuned rig that is set for them. Beyond that, the ability to toggle height becomes a novelty whose electronics become a liability with age and use.

Second, these cheap table tops are created from a Medium Density Fiberboard that is basically compressed sawdust and glue. These soft bricks are powder coated or thermofoiled (heat activated shrinking vinyl wrapper). Both of these created a surface that can peel up or is excessively vulnerable to scratches and dents.

We saw an opportunity.

The Solution

The solution we’ve come up with is to have legs custom made for us to be as sturdy and lean as possible while keeping the ability to adjust the height. These exclusively manufactured legs have been measured out to the exact height of our chairs. If you put our chair in its the lowest position with the arm rests at the lowest it will slide just below our table at it’s lowest setting. Then if you set the chair to it’s highest position with the arm rests at the highest positions, the desk can fit just above the desk arms or lower to sit below them. This means you can now choose to have your arm rests position above or below your table table in all positions. Never again will you be forced to knock your arm rests into your desk when pulling in or rotating in position.

Now that we have saved cost and eliminated electronics while gaining functionality in our custom designed pin height adjusted legs, we were able to redirect the difference in price to improving the table top. The result is what we’ve proudly named the OPEDGE. This high density custom molded urethane edge is perfectly shaped in an ergonomic design that provides the softest rounded edge possible for both your wrists and forearms. In addition. The table tops core material has been upgraded from MDF to Formica, the same things a kitchen counter is made of. These surfaces are scratch proof, stain resistant and last forever. This combination of materials results in an unparalleled offering that is truly unique.

To top it all off we manufactured the table top in Wisconsin, USA.

The Conclusion

We spent more than a year perfecting the design, finishes and manufacturing process to create this one of a kind desk featuring numerous benefits that can not be found elsewhere. From our proprietary OPEDGE which follows the ergonomically shaped front, to the amazingly durable Formica desktop surface, nothing has been overlooked. This is all supported by a metal frame that is adjustable to set the perfect height for your gaming rig. Do you like color matching your rig? Of course you do. Our desks are color matched to our gaming chairs to give you the opportunity to perfectly color coordinate your battlestation. That’s pretty OP.

What are you waiting for? Preorder your OPEDGE Gaming Desk today!

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