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The OPEDGE GAMING DESK is the only adjustable height desk specifically designed for gamers featuring a premium surface, ergonomic shape, proprietary colored edge and more. Upgrade the style and performance of your battlestation with our one of a kind black gaming desk.



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    Gaming Desk Features

    Comfort, Customization, Quality

    Durable Formica Desktop Surface
    Experience a premium quality desktop surface made of Formica™ and never use a mousepad again. Commonly used for countertops, this surface offers incredible resistance to liquids, scratching, and impact with unmatched durability while being easy to clean.
    Cockpit Front Edge
    Get closer to the action with a cockpit style front edge designed for maximum comfort and desktop access. The OPEDGE combined with this ergonomic design places you in the optimal position for peak performance.
    Color Matching OPEDGE
    Customize your battlestation with our proprietary molded urethane edge that has been color matched to our gaming chairs. The OPEDGE is extremely durable, comfortable and shaped to perfectly support your forearms without leaving a mark.
    Adjustable Height
    Create your perfect fit with height settings ranging from 21” to 31” every inch using the adjustment bolts for optimum ergonomics.
    Adjustable Width
    Prepare for the future with our custom telescoping frame. Fits desktop sizes from 48” to 72” with a simple lateral adjustment.
    Adjustable Feet
    Level the playing field using the rotating leveling pads to get in perfect balance and eliminate the worrisome wobble.
    Strong Metal Frame
    Game confidently knowing that the metal frame supporting your entire rig has a 250 pound weight capacity so your gameplay will never be interrupted.
    Industry Leading Warranty
    We feature a 1 year limited warranty on our gaming computer desk and its components. If it breaks, we’ll replace it, absolutely free.
    Made in America
    Our one of a kind desktops are proudly made in the USA using an innovative manufacturing process featuring high quality materials and workmanship.

    Product Specs

    30 inches deep by 48 inches ( 4 foot ) or 72 inches ( 6 foot ). The table is .75 inches thick.

    Formica Top. Color matching Urethane lip. Solid Steel frame.

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    2 Year Warranty
    Relax and game with ease knowing you are fully covered for all parts and damages.


    For most people it comes down to monitors. 2 monitors or more are better suited to the 6ft desk. 2 x 27" monitors on a 4 foot will just slightly hang over the edges of the desk. 1 big ultra wide on a 4ft is a dream. It all comes down to how much space you want.

    Yes. The desk is height adjustable. It can go low enough to go below the arm rests and high enough to go over the arm rests. This means you never knock into your desk ever again.

    A desk thats too tall gives upper back pain. A desk too short gives lower back pain. Also, a sharp 90 degree edge can create pressure points on your arms. With the OPEDGE's curved lip you never have pressure points again. With the height adjustable legs you can always get the perfect fit. Paired with our gaming chairs you get a fully ergonomic color matching rig.

    This one of a kind optimized gaming desk has completely flipped the equation on desks. The high quality formica table top with a custom colored curbed urethane lip is the real star. It's curved comfort edge creates a softened front angle that remove painful pressure points. No ergonomic desk is complete without this.


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