Zeenigami on Leveraging Partnerships, Affiliations, and Staying Profitable in Gaming

Zeenigami’s Stats

  • 34k Twitch Followers
  • 7k Twitter Followers
  • 47.1k Youtube Subscribers
  • 100 Average Twitch Viewers

Join us this week on the VIDEOPODCAST as we sit down with members of the OPSEAT team and Zeenigami! During this LIVE VideoPodcast, we’ll be discussing recent events that have stirred up the streaming ecosystem. We aim to discuss “Leveraging Partnerships, Affiliations, and Staying Profitable in Gaming”! Zeenigami has been a part of some incredible endorsements, milestones, and events such all over the country and has remained successful as a full time Twitch Partner!


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  1. For those that may not know, What would most people recognize you for?
  2. I’m sure that for a lot of people listening, becoming a Twitch Partner or Discord partner is one of their biggest goals. How did you manage to snag the coveted Checkmark and how has it impacted your stream?
  3. When and how did you first start playing video games?
  4. What’s your main game of choice?
  5. What has been the biggest help in remaining successful and relevant within streaming?
  6. When did you realize you had the following to pursue partnerships?
  7. With tools like the Twitch Bounty System on Twitch, how would you say it affects your stream and your monthly bottom line?
  8. What other tools do you use besides the Twitch Bounty system, and how do you go about finding them?
  9. Do you often seek out and choose your partnerships or do you weigh the options for the ones that come to you?
  10. You travel to a lot of conventions, how do you feel this contributes towards your ability to find partnerships?
  11. When you’re back at home, streaming, editing videos for youtube, and balancing a family life, how do you maintain a positive relationship with these brands?
  12. How do you avoid your audience from saying that you’re just “Selling Out” and what are your thoughts on it?
  13. Can you tell us a little bit more about what it’s like to be “Living the Dream” and having content creation as your full time job?
  14. Is there such a thing as running too many ads, or doing too many sponsored segments?
  15. What tools do you typically trust to find sponsors or brands to work with?
  16. Has working with a brand ever increased your audience?
  17. What is your favorite event that a sponsorship has allowed you to be a part of?
  18. How do you define the difference between a full sponsorship or an affiliation?
  19. Do you have a “dream partnership”/a partnership you’re aiming for?
  20. What’s your main inspiration to keep creating engaging content?
  21. How do you put your own spin on sponsored segments?
  22. Besides your OPSEAT, what has been your favorite endorsement?

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