Guinness World Records and how Vlogging has changed with CharlesTrippy

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Today we are joined by Guiness World Record Holder for most consecutive daily personal video blog, CharlesTrippy. We talk about the ever changing world of online streaming. Now over a decade into his career a a daily Vlogger, this rock star turned content creator is a legend in his own right. He was the first round youtube stars and one of if not the first people to film his life in such an open way. His youtube videos about his brain cancer surgery was groundbreaking. His experience of where the streaming and content creation was, is, and is going, is incredibly insightful. While traditional a skit based streamer, Charles has collected over 1 billion views across his several channels. Whether it’s skits with his wife Allie, Behind the scenes content from his bands tours, or playing games on his twitch/youtube Charles Sucks at Video Games. Charles is someone every person in this community needs to meet. He’s a humble soul with more experience than the lot of us put together. Buckle in for an insightful conversation with a man who helped build youtube to what it is today.

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