Staying Effective In a Saturated World, Quality Over Quantity, and Overcoming Complacency

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Welcome to Episode 9 of the OPodcast. Partnered Twitch Streamer, Social Media Manager for OPSEAT, and creative content creator joins us for this episode! DrewPdrawers talks about what sparked his interest in streaming, why he developed his stream the way he did, and where he found success. Elaborating on milestones such as achieving his first quarter million views, his roots in gaming, and even the impact his family played in this journey. DrewPdrawers transitioned from ranking amongst the highest Halo players to PC gaming and hasn’t looked back since. Trolling around FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he found time to develop quality interaction within communities, and putting on special effects shows like none other on the platform. This journey has helped land opportunities such as his job with OPSEAT, major roles in stream teams such as “Lost In The Sauce”, and the ability to mentor other streamers to increase their production quality. This story of a self-taught and ambitious personality is one you don’t want to miss!

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Questions & Timestamps (Video)

(1:00) Who are you and what do you do?
(2:39) How does your father feel about using his nickname for you as your tag?
(3:35) How did you get started in gaming?
(5:40) Was gaming always present in your family?
(6:43) Did you play games competitively growing up?
(7:55) Why did you pick up Counter-Strike?
(10:46) Do you warm-up or practice before you play?
(11:10) Do you focus more on your gameplay or your community?
(11:50) What types of content are successful on Twitch?
(13:50) How did you develop your unique stream content?
(16:47) What prompted you to create your current stream style?
(20:55) How did interaction from the TatMan Army affect your stream?
(22:49) How has a partnership with Twitch impacted your channel?
(24:22) What is business like on Twitch?
(27:53) How do you balance work and streaming?
(30:27) How has your community impacted your stream?
(33:12) Why do you not stream IRL content?
(34:03) What personal habit has contributed the most to your success?
(36:10) What advice would you give to an aspiring streamer?
(38:59) What’s your biggest achievement in streaming?
(40:26) Have you had any stand-out learning experiences?
(44:11) What’s your favorite peripheral?

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