Overwatch World Cup 2018, Twitch vs Youtube, and Streaming Minecraft vs Overwatch with Danteh

Danteh’s Stats

16k/114k Youtube Subscribers
136,145 Twitch Followers
4,934,743 Twitch Views
681 Twitch Avg Viewers

Introducing episode 8 of the OPodcast! Esports Professional and SF Shock’s top DPS Danteh stops by to talk with us on break between the Inaugural Season of Overwatch League with SF Shock and the 2018 Overwatch World Cup where he will be representing team USA. Dante sits down with us while home with family in the frigid north to discuss his experience as a professional Overwatch player playing for the world’s biggest teams. Getting his start in Twitch and Youtube 3 years ago, Danteh has been a phenomenon on the scene. From the 100k subscriber strong Youtube Channel he created on PVP Minecraft to the More than 4 million views he’s received on his Twitch channel focused on Competitive Overwatch, Danteh does it all. A self taught vid editor and gamer, Danteh’s journey began in streaming and vod creation but has developed into a standout Esports career. He began with smaller teams like Momentary and Denial Esports where he first met xQc and became scrim buddies but within a year or two he was being drafted by Blizzard. He would go on to the Overwatch League Season 1 for different for the SF Shock where his skill kept him in the running as a starting player on a team known to sub out little, especially in the first 2 stages. Whether its whipping loose on his Sombrah on the world stage or chatting about the deal he made with his parents to skip college for games, this guy’s got an interesting story.

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Questions & Timestamps (Video)

(0:48) What got you started in gaming?
(1:30) Why did you switch from PC to console?
(1:45) How did you decide to start posting Minecraft content?
(2:07) What caused your channel to grow so quickly at the start?
(2:29) Did you only play PvP in Minecraft?
(2:54) How did you get involved in every PvP community?
(3:43) Why did you leave Denial and form Arc 6?
(4:57) Did playing in the Hulktastic Cup further your exposure?
(5:25) What contributed most to you being signed to SF Shock?
(5:58) How did you consistently stay top 10?
(6:32) Why did you switch roles from off-tank to dps?
(6:47) Are you expecting play time in the Overwatch World Cup?
(7:37) Will you play with Team USA outside OWWC matches?
(7:55) What do you think of Sombra’s recent patch?
(8:13) How was being in New York during Overwatch League Grand Finals?
(8:53) Did you enjoy seeing fans during the season?
(9:23) How did you gain confidence on stage during season one?
(10:08) Do you think you’ve progressed as a player during season one?
(10:33) How do you learn new heroes?
(10:56) How did the team handle the rough start to the season?
(12:25) Are you attending college while competing as an OWL player?
(12:40) How did your parents handle you not attending college?
(13:26) Why did you decide to join SF Shock after your previous experiences?
(SF Shock Promo pop-up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exvsbfvaGkc)
(13:41) How has your experience going from high schooler to pro player been?
(14:46) What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
(15:32) How did you achieve success without a consistent schedule?
(16:00) What inspired you to create more content?
(16:35) How many videos did you post in your time on Youtube? + Was Youtube profitable for you?
(17:54) Did you edit your own videos?
(18:50) When did you start streaming?
(20:18) Did Minecraft updates contribute to your channel’s growth?
(21:00) Did your followers and subs enjoy your pvp highlights?
(21:18) When did you realize you could make a career out of gaming?
(22:19) Do you prefer Youtube or Twitch?
(23:03) How does being a pro player affect your stream?
(24:41) Have you been able to stream while at home?
(25:12) How has streaming less affected your audience?
(26:48) What personal habit has contributed the most to your success?
(27:19) How do you feel about the state of Overwatch?
(27:56) Do you think the low viewership on ESPN shows a lack of interest?
(28:35) Will the recent exposure of Overwatch change the viewer experience?
(29:27) Are you expecting more competition as the game grows
(30:26) What advice would you give to an aspiring gamer?
(30:56) What’s your favorite accomplishment?
(31:27) What has been your biggest learning experience?
(31:54) Who are your closest online friends?
(32:21) What’s your favorite peripheral?

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