IRL vs Hardcore Streaming, Famous Friends, and the Future of PUBG with KatContii

KatContii’s Stats

69,936 Twitch Followers
198 Avg Viewers – Cap around 1400
1,086,410 Twitch Views
26.5k Twitter Followers

Introducing episode 7 of the OPodcast! This episode the PUBG Partner, Twitch Partner, and famed Gamer Girl KatContii stops by and talks with the OPSEAT Team about her experiences over the last 3 years streaming on Twitch for CoD and PUBG. We discuss how a chance meeting and a series of friendships allowed her to get to know the Godfathers of Twitch. How this path set her on a journey to become one of the best Female Streamers on Twitch with a following most can only dream of.

A full time streamer, Twitch partner, and PUBG partner, Kat fully supports herself from earnings from streaming online for several years now. Her channels focus is Player Unknown Battlegrounds however her personality and charm allows her to stream IRL and maintain her viewership. This dynamic ability to be appreciated for herself in addition to the game she plays makes her standout from other channels. Listen to her experience growing a Twitch following to 70 thousand and what it was like living in a streamer house filled with all girls when she got started. The world of PUBG competitive play is only just starting to take off with the recent Global Invitational in Berlin. Hear an official PUBG partnered streamer discuss her opinions on the current state of the game and the future opportunities for streamers like her.

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Gamer Compatible Interview 2014

Mrs Violence


PUBG Global Invitational

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Questions & Timestamps (Video)

(0:43) What games do you play and why?
(1:29) How did you get started in gaming?
(1:54) Do you play on console or PC?
(2:16) Why did you switch from console to PC?
(4:02) Do you prefer to play with viewers or personal friends?
(5:17) How did you get started on twitch?
(6:25) How did you meet MrsViolence?
(8:04) How did you get to know Mrs_Vixen?
(9:06) What was your experience in a streamer house like?
(9:30) How did you continue to grow your channel before PUBG?
(10:24) How do you maintain viewers for both gaming and IRL streams?
(11:53) How did you decide to start including IRL stream content?
(12:24) Is watching games with your community considered IRL or PUBG?
(12:44) Are you interested in watching gameplay with your community more often?
(13:46) What do you think about PUBG’s recent resurgence?
(14:46) What are your thoughts on the future of your stream and PUBG?
(15:25) Why do you prefer PUBG over Fortnite?
(16:07) What genre of game do you think Fortnite is?
(16:28) Have you streamed Fortnite before?
(16:44) Do you decide what to stream or let your community choose?
(17:19) What’s your stream schedule and why did you select those times?
(18:11) How do you maintain income as a full time streamer?
(18:49) What are your thoughts on posting stream vods to Youtube?
(19:41) Did you celebrate 1 million views on twitch?
(19:58) Does Twitter produce growth for your stream?
(20:29) How do you gauge your growth on twitch?
(20:59) How have changes to Twitch’s follows and subs affected channel growth?
(21:46) How did you learn to promote the growth of your channel?
(21:18) Would you attribute your success to your connections in streaming?
(23:50) Why do you enjoy going to events and conventions?
(25:03) What is your experience in the female streaming community like?
(25:31) What advice would you give to aspiring new streamers?
(25:56) Are certain games and platforms more saturated than others?
(26:28) What upcoming games are you looking forward to?
(26:36) What do you think about controller versus mouse and keyboard?
(27:01) What’s your favorite accomplishment as a streamer?
(27:38) What’s your biggest fail as a streamer?
(27:55) What’s your favorite peripheral?

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