VideoPodcast EP 6: ElementalQT on 7 yrs of Streaming, the Danger of Personas, and Streaming as a Father

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Introducing episode 6 of the OPodcast! This episode the famous World of Warcraft Shaman and 7 year streaming veteran ElementalQT stops by and talks with the OPSEAT Team about his experiences over the last 7 years streaming on Twitch and posting videos to Youtube. We discuss being one of the first well known World of Warcraft streamers, lobbying Blizzard to make changes to the game, and his hopes for the coming Battle for Azeroth expansion. He gives us a rare view at his ability to support a small family through streaming full time and how becoming a father has changed his game and his stream for the better.

It’s not until the middle of the video that ElementalQT realized that we worked together 6 years ago doing WoW video tutorial guides. Over half a decade has passed but we’re both still at it creating content in the space with real results to show for it. His channel has grown a great deal since those days as he is now one of the most veteran streamers in both WoW and Twitch in general. his experiences with keywords, thumbnail positioning, timing of the day, and content choices have helped guide his niche content into a large scale viewership. Like many of the streamers we interview, as of late his focus has shifted from Youtube to Twitch. While others seem to be going to the most profitable one, his seems to be more driven by fatherly duties and the choices necessary for limited time available for editing. There’s a lot to learn in this episode, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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