VideoPodcast EP 4: GPUabuse on Free Indie Games to Review, PC Builds, and Growing a Community

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Introducing episode 4 of the OPodcast! This episode content creator GPUabuse stops by to talk with us about his experienced growing a small hardware and game review channel. GPUabuse has been apart of the OPFamily for a long time, so it no surprise to say that he is one of the best when it comes to content creation. On this week’s OPODCAST, GPUabuse told us what it’s like to upgrade his PCs as a reviewer with sponsors, ditching his consoles to join the PCMASTERRACE, as well as some of his past experiences in running unique game servers! GPUabuse community stands out for its primary use as a website blog, then youtube channel, using social and his website to distribute his own content. Through the years his channel has covered indie games, popular games, pc builds, and reviews of sponsored products he was provided from brands. Learn the secrets of finding free early access to indie games for reviews, the stories behind hardware reviews, and the ups and downs learning up to best grow a youtube community.

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