VideoPodcast EP 3: Nairo on E3 2018, Smash Ultimate, & Being Pro Tier in High School

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Introducing episode 3 of the OPodcast! This episode the worlds top 3 Smash brothers esports pro, twitch streamer, and youtuber, Nairo is joining us to talk about his experiences E3 2018, Smash Ultimate, & Being Pro Tier in High School. Starting gaming with his brother at age 11 more than 10 years ago, Nairo has become one of the undisputed Smash Gods since his defeat of Zero’s legendary winning streak. This #3 ranked Smash champion and player for NRG esports has began competing in middle school and by highschool was flying around the country playing games instead of the more traditional route. Now at 21 his record is legend and the game is about to change. Let’s discuss his experience as Nintendo’s E3 event where he single handedly took down 3 celebrities on stage, his physical workout routines to stay in shape, and how traveling for esports competitions impacts his Twitch stream followers and overall performance.

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