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Today we are joined by Lobrowatch, partnered twitch streamer and an inspiring community builder. Lobrowatch talks us through his journey of finding purpose building this mentality on twitch and changing directions from his gaming roots. Becoming a strong light of neon positivity and hope has been a successful endeavor not only for himself, but his community. See the light for yourself on this episode of the OPSEAT podcast.

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Video Questions

Tell us who you are and a little about yourself.

What games do you typically play on stream, and why?

When and how did you start gaming?

What made you realize that you could start streaming full time?

Over the last year, you’ve played through a plethora of different games. Do you notice any shifts in your audience depending on what game you’re playing?

Out of all the games you’ve played over the last year on Stream, what one would you say was best received with your audience?

Does your audience ever dictate the direction that you should take your stream, and if so how much of your current stream is a result of your audiences feedback? Do you have any examples?

Tell us more about your journey through Twitch. Did you ever think that you would hit partnered status?

During this journey through twitch, what would you say your most memorable moment has been?

What would you say your biggest accomplishment as a streamer has been so far?

You seem to have a very active community that clip a lot of great moments on your channel. Do any of these clippable moments stand out to you, and why?

What were you thinking when you finally received the email detailing that you where accepted into the partners program?

Were there any hurdles that you experienced when growing your channel that you did not expect? How did you overcome them?

We recently met up with you at Twitchcon, how was the event from a streamers perspective?

Was your goal of Twitchcon to connect with your fans, or other brands to help grow your stream?

Your stream recently went through a rebrand. What made you go through with this decision?

A little birdie told us that you were interested in starting a podcast of your own. Did anyone plant this idea into your mind, or was it something that you’ve always wanted to do

Are you able to tell us any of your plans for this Podcast, such as the type of Podcast that you would like to create and the focus of it?

Will you be partnering up with anyone for this Podcast of yours, or do you plan on recording it solo?

Besides your OPSEAT, what would you say your favorite peripheral is that you use on a day to day basis with your channel?

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