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Growing Into The World of Acting, Creativity, and Developing personality with Raymond Ochoa

Raymond Ochoa Stats

12.7k Twitter followers
30k instagram followers
8k followers on the ochoa boyz
4k Ochoa Youtube
11 Movies
13 Tv Series
8 Video Games

Today we are joined by Raymond Ochoa, who found success in acting, voice-acting, and musical performance starting at only six years old. With over 11 movies, 13 tv series, and 8 video games under his belt, Raymond talks us through his journey and how some of these works included Pixar’s Arlo, The Walking Dead Tell Tale series character Gabe, sunset overdrive, and Fallout 4. Raymond takes his life long knowledge of the industry to inspire others, engage his following, and finding success in new ventures. Join us, as we we learn to leverage our experiences no matter what part we play.

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Video Questions

Tell us who you are and a little about yourself. ( Tag, name, age, where you’re from, something unique about you)

You’ve been acting(both with voice overs and normal acting) for 12 years since you were only 6 yrs old. How did you first get involved in this world?

How did you get involved in the video game world in the form of Voice Acting?

Do you have a preference over Video game voice overs, or Film/TV?

You have quite a few games under your belt that your voice has appeared in. Which would you say was your favorite games to be a part of? Why?

Tell me about your journey in the acting world. What are some of your most memorable experiences?

Out of all your experiences in acting, which would you say impacted you the most to shape you into who you are today?

What would you say your biggest learning experience?

What advice would you give to someone trying to get into the acting world?

Are there any common mistakes that you see up and coming actors in this industry that you think that they should be aware of?

What inspired you to start the Ochoa boyz with your siblings?

Do you play video games often with your siblings? If so what sort of games do you typically play?

What is your console of choice, favorite game, and why?

Have you considered running a Twitch channel?

With some of your most recent work being Gabe from Telltales the walking dead. How did you take the sudden news of Telltale shutting down? Was this a surprise?

How was your experience working with the team at telltale?

Do you have anymore acting work coming up in the future that you’re particularly excited for and are able to tell us more about?

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