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Today we are joined by the founders of Add-a-tudez gaming studio Josh aka Zookey and his brother Trevor. Together they have created the first official Sony acknowledged indie game studio in their state. You can see a brief explainer of what they did to receive such an honor in the official Sony produced Road to Greatness video trailer but as a brief explainer, they’re a 501(c)(3) that helps disabled gamers, they go into schools and hospitals to teach kids how to combine games and stem learning, and they develop a fighting game of their own. Their passionate support of the community has earned them acknowledgement a litany of companies from Sony, CES, Twitch, their local hospitals and programs and so much more. Just before this interview Twitch gave them official partner status despite having less than 100 followers. I asked them how that was even possible and their responses were touching. Josh and Trevors passionate journey is but a piece their adventure as the lives of people all around them are being changed for the better. Come listen to the adventure of a pair of brothers trying to get through hard times through the love of the game. We like these guys a lot and we hope you do to.

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