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Today we are joined by gaming podcaster RunJumpStomp. His Podcast SwitchCraft pulls in over 50k downloads a month and is growing at a steady pace on his 264 episode. This married father, teacher, and gaming enthusiast has managed to build a massive podcast following through persistence and technique. Listen to his stories of adapting how he manages to create 3 consistent pieces of content a week on podcast, live streams his recording, pushes condensed versions to youtube, and run a blog to tie it all together. This man has it down and if you talk to him you’ll realize there’s no end in site. Join us on this educational tour of the realities of content creation and the differences between platforms.

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(7:26) Tell us who you are and a little about yourself. ( Tag, name, age, where you’re from, something unique about you)

(8:45) How did you decide your posting schedule?

(11:24) How have you managed consistency in your recording?

(15:13) Could you tell us a little bit about the NES archive and what it was?

(18:41) Did the decisions of platform choice come down to profitability?

(20:34) What happens with all of your recorded Twitch content?

(23:59) How have you adapted your approach of content creation through the years?

(28:13) Comparing Twitch to youtube, what’s a major benefit of creating content on the Twitch platform?

(35:32) What would be a benefit of uploading content to youtube for your channel?

(36:50) Which platform did you ultimately decide upon? Youtube, or twitch?

(39:23) You’ve been gaming for a long time. Who first introduced you to video games and how?

(42:26) Did you ever see a “Fistful of Quarters”? What were your thoughts?

(42:38) Out of these experiences which do you think shaped you most into who you are today?

(45:03) What inspired you to create podcasts revolving around gaming?

(51:37) How many episodes were created under “Run Jump Stomp”?

(52:42) Tell us about the journey of “Switch Craft”

(53:11) Why is Nintendo such a major focus, why do you enjoy Nintendo?

(57:44) How is Switch Craft performing, what are some of the numbers?

(59:23) How do you manage to keep interest within an only audio format on the podcast?

(1:04:52) Why do you believe your podcasts perform better than video content?

(1:07:29) What can you tell me about your journey, and the recently explosion of viewership? Were there any growing pains?

(1:11:59) Did you ever play minecraft with your students?

(1:13:20) Do you find that different topics impact your audience differently

(1:19:54) What would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far during this journey?

(1:24:24) How has the growth and dedication to your podcast impacted your family life?

(1:27:50) Has there been any opposition from your spouse from the dedication to the podcast?

(1:31:50) How do you gauge the impressions your podcast is creating?

(1:32:51) What is your favorite platform to distribute your content?

(1:34:47) What would you say is your favorite thing about the podcasting community?

(1:37:14) Have you had an opportunity to meet any listeners?

(1:40:01) What is your favorite peripheral?

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