VideoPodcast EP 13: BoBBy on Clemson Esports and the Collegiate Scene

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Podcast EP 13 BoBBy

Today we are joined by President of the Clemson Esports Club, Clemson Tespa league Team A Captain, and a Grandmaster tier player BoBBy. While our guest has yet to build an online business or large audience, what he has done is lead a significant role in the adoption of esports at a major University. As their club President the team has grown from a few dozen to nearly 200. He has leveraged his position for internships at Echo Fox, Opseat, and was invited to Blizzards 2018 Summer program for recognized college leaders. BoBBy’s has experience in the collegiate scene, competitive esports organizations, business brands, and his own personal experience being captain of the #1 ranked player in Overwatch. His story is one any student can relate to. This is what you too can be doing at your university. While most people just play the game, he has made it a part of his life and is already being recognized by Heroes of the Dorm and more. We are proud to introduce to you our friend. BoBBy.

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Questions and Timestamps

(3:39) How did you get started in gaming?
(4:50) How long did it take to switch fully from console to PC?
(7:33) How did your skill compare to those around you when you were younger?
(9:26) What kind of content do you like to produce?
(10:44) Do you have time to stream with all the content production you do?
(11:26) What is it like working with Clemson’s Overwatch A-Team?
(19:30) How did you get involved and become the president of Clemson Esports?
(22:38) What are the biggest upcoming events for Clemson Esports?
(24:04) What is Tespa?
(27:02) What is the structure of Clemson Esports?
(28:54) How is the university approaching Esports?
(31:51) What’s the biggest hindrance in establishing Esports at Clemson?
(37:27) How are you informing the university about Esports?
(42:07) How do you acquire sponsorships for the club?
(45:21) Do you get paid to work for the club?
(46:29) Tell us about your time working in Echo Fox.
(55:56) Did you learn video editing while at Echo Fox?
(57:35) Tell us about the Blizzard student retreat.
(1:01:29) How does Esports impact your education?
(1:03:12) What do you do to relax and have fun?
(1:04:24) What advice would you give to someone wanting to get involved in Esports at their university?
(1:05:39) What advantages do colleges have in developing Esports?
(1:07:57) What’s the biggest learning experience you’ve had with the club?
(1:11:51) What’s your favorite peripheral?