5.6 Million views in Youtube, Gfuel, and content creation with ElectricShock

ElectricShock Stats

56k Sub Youtube
5,636,431 Youtube Views
855 Uploads
6,500 Twitter Followers

Today we are joined by ElectricShock, Youtube star and self proclaimed ‘Gfuel God’ whose 5.6 million views with a 70% balance to Gfuel proves he’s not just being hyperbolic. With over 50k subscribers on youtube and 5+ years experience in creating Youtube content he has produced more than 1300 videos only to lose 500 to a hacker in 2015. Explanations are given in the interview but just tenacity to continue is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. Learn about the path of a lifelong entrepreneur who quit day 1 of his only job to become a youtube sensation, juggles half a dozen videos any given moment, posts every 4 days or less, and has not missed a beat for 4 years while going to highschool. With content covering fortnite, call of duty, glitches, unboxing, gfuel, and sneakers. You’re in for quite a shock.

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ElectricShock Youtube

ElectricShock Twitter

ElectricShock Twitch

OPedge Unboxing Video

Questions and Timestamps
(3:10) Tell us who you are and a little about yourself.
(4:28) How did you get started in gaming?
(6:03) What consoles do you play?
(6:34) How do you stream your gameplay?
(7:45) How long did you play on PC?
(10:28) Have you played Fortnite on console?
(11:47) When did you start streaming and how did it evolve?
(16:47) How do you produce your GFuel content?
(21:03) What’s your method for producing successful content?
(24:30) What have you learned about growing on Twitch and Youtube?
(25:55) Have you looked at streaming platforms besides Twitch?
(31:28) Thoughts on your OPSeat chair and desk?
(33:01) How did you handle the loss of so many videos on Youtube?
(42:56) After a month break, was it hard to regain viewership?
(45:29) What inspired you to start streaming at such a young age?
(50:34) How do you promote your stream and its growth?
(55:01) How do you create income through your content production?
(59:03) How does your audience impact your content?
(1:02:04) What has contributed most to your success?
(1:08:07) What’s your biggest learning experience?
(1:15:12) What’s your favorite peripheral?

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