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Today we are joined by ORIGINPC Live host Koozy. On the OriginPC brand channels he has accrued over 500k followers on Twitch and 500k subscribers on Youtube. His personal Twitch has also garned partnered status and has a modest following. Koozy is responsible for the huge growth of ORIGINPC’s online content generation and video/streaming outreach. He started in the build department and was promoted through the ranks. Ultimately, his personal experience as a streamer led him to propose the idea for the first live Twitch PC Rig Builds that gave him and Origin online fame. He’s an active member of nearly every gamer event from PAX to GuardianCon. He live builds, interviews and does game news on ORIGINPC’s channels while also running let’s plays on his personal channel Alexis is a juggernaut with a humble sole. Learn from his experience and the first hand accounts of what it took to build one of the largest product brand channels in the video game industry.

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Youtube Swifty – Origin – Alexis

ORIGINPC Interview with Seth

Questions & Timestamps

(6:29) Tell us about yourself and what you do.
(7:27) How did you get involved with Origin PC?
(15:08) How did you decide to start doing live builds on Twitch?
(18:53) Tell us about your solo work on KoozyL.
(21:45) How did you get started in gaming?
(35:22) How was PAX West?
(38:57) What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned going to events?
(44:21) How do you handle your work and business?
(48:25) How many videos have you produced with Origin?
(49:39) Tell us about how you stream to multiple platforms.
(51:53) Are there any channels like Origin PC that are as large as Origin is?
(58:36) What you do think about the growing prevalence of branded streams?
(1:03:18) What advice would you give to an aspiring streamer?
(1:07:18) What’s your favorite accomplishment?
(1:10:07) What’s a valuable learning experience you’ve had?
(1:13:32) What’s your favorite peripheral?

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