VideoPodcast EP 10: N64Josh Adapting a Podcast for Twitch

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Podcast EP 10 N64Josh

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Today we are joined by N64Josh, Podcast professional, Twitch Nintendo Streamer, Blog Owner, and a Father of a gamer household. With over 300 podcast episodes and 100k+ downloads across his projects, Josh has experienced a lot in the video game podcast sector. His experience in Destiny 1 podcasting, Guardiancon, being invited to the official Destiny 2 launch event by Bungie actual, and being both a Streamer who is a father and whose children also stream has created a unique story unlike any other. Josh’s passion to help others improve shines in his blog and the Gamers guide to podcasting ebook he’s recently released. With more content in que and plenty of games to play through, Josh is a man worth knowing. We hope you learn a lot about his focus on value added, lessons learned from Gary V, 4HWW, Pat Flynn, and other juggernauts of our field. Many streamers stream but few do it with the awareness for technique and a passion for the game like Josh.

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