VideoPodcast EP 1: YoSoyKush on Swatting, Playing with Celebrities, & Meeting Fans

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Introducing episode 1 of the OPodcast! This episode one of the most well renowned Partnered PUBG streamers on Twitch, Yosoykush is joining us to tell us about his experiences throughout his Twitch career. Stories ranging from being picked up by a professional Esports team, playing with celebrities, and all the way up to some horrific swatting experiences!

PUBG Partner & Twitch Partnered Streamer YoSoyKush stops by and talks with the OPSEAT Team about his experiences over the last few years streaming on Twitch. From the getting picked up by Noble Esports, Partnering with Twitch, Playing with celebrities, Swatting scares, TwitchCon stories and more.

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