StephOfAnime On Finding Her Passion Through Pokemon

StephOfAnime’s Stats

  • 2,755 Twitter followers
  • 11,072 Twitch followers
  • 10,683 Youtube Subscribers
  • 207,067 Channel Views
  • 1,120 Instagram Followers

Today we are joined by Twitch streamer StephOfAnime. As one of the most enthusiastic content creators we’ve come across, it’s easy to see how she’s found success through pokemon, anime, and community. As an established voice in the pokemon community, StephOfAnime has leveraged her years of friendship and knoweldge to become an admin of EliteFourTv, a staple of Pokemon Content Creation. Listen to the journey that’s led to over 11,000 followers on twitch, 11,000 subscribers on youtube, and the chase to catch them all. This, is StephOfAnime.


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Video Questions

  1. It’s great to see you. Last time we hung out was PAX East just a few weeks ago. With twitchcon, pax south, and now pax east this is becoming a normal thing now isn’t it?
  2. For those that may not know, What would most people recognize you for?
  3. I’m sure that for a lot of people listening, becoming a Twitch Partner or Discord partner is one of their biggest goals. How did you manage to snag the coveted Checkmark and how has it impacted your stream?
  4. Let’s go back for a moment and get some context for people. When and how did you first start playing video games?
  5. I see you have a lot of play time on Twitch for Pokemon. What’s your opinion of the new playstyle of Let’s go vs traditional Pokemon Games?
  6. A lot of Pokemon news is flowing around lately with Go, Lets Go, and the new Switch game coming out. How do you see the environment of Pokemon streaming grow as all this hype keeps going?
  7. How did your online content creation begin? I see your Twitch and Youtube are a few years old but you took a while to pop off. What can you tell me about this journey from first video to this level?
  8. You had a huge jump in metrics around July 2018.
  9. You seemed to have doubled views and jumped to nearly 5,000 accu. The channels settled back down and you range from 59-158 accu. What can you tell me about that journey and how you’ve retained/keep your audience interested?
  10. What was your ‘aha moment’ in knowing you could keep playing games instead of getting a traditional job?
  11. A lot of your content is Pokemon but you have a ton of games played on your account. How do you go about choosing your games to play and how has your recent growth sort of directed these choices?
  12. How about this business side of things. You’re currently resting around 700 subs if these metrics are to be believed. That’s rather impressive. How do you think about this project? Is it a creative outlet or are you pushing to make it a full time career?
  13. What techniques are you implementing to help progress this goal. Are you focused on the business side of things or are you letting the content grow and allowing the rest to sort of figure itself out?
  14. Subs and bits are a big part of this field sure. Do you take advantage of the bounty systems, ad programs, or and types of partnership arrangements like with OPSEAT?
  15. How does your game or its audience impact what you do? Do you see it shift depending on where you go with your convo?
  16. Tell me about Team SinSquad and the EliteFour? What are these teams, how did you find them, how do they impact your performance?
  17. What is the IndigoPlateu Podcast?
  18. Most personalities like yourself have a strong character and with it comes character traits that they accredit to success. What about yourself do you think is the trait that helps you become most successful in this field?
  19. Did you ever see yourself doing this kind of thing? Were you also so creative and technical?
  20. What’s your opinion on the current state streaming as profession?
  21. You have one of those uncommon channels that’s as big on Youtube as it is on Twitch. How do you manage this?
  22. I’m sure you have faith in Twitch but are there other things you see on the horizon? Where do other streaming platforms fit into your mindset?
  23. What advice can you give someone trying to become a Twitch partnered streamer?
  24. You’re StephOfAnime. When did you start watching anime? I see your top 3 favorite animes on Twitch panels but for all listening here what are you watching today and why?
  25. Where do you go to learn more about what you do?
  26. What is your favorite accomplishment doing what you do?
  27. Over the years there are bound to be things that don’t go the way you had hoped. If you don’t mind sharing, what has been your biggest or most memorable failure or learning experience in your path as an online personality?
  28. Are you planning on heading to any events soon where people can come meet you? Do you plan on going to TwitchCon in 2019 at San Diego?
  29. It doesn’t have to be your but what’s your favorite peripheral?
  30. If you could change one thing, or add something to the Pokemon games, what would it be?
  31. Would you classify yourself as famous? -joefurryjohnstone
  32. What was the first anime that you ever watched? What aspects of this anime do you think hooked you into liking anime so much? -Eyan_

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