Warriors7 on Finding Success Through Competitive Gaming and Team Building

Warrior7’s Stats

  • 3.7k Twitch followers
  • 403 Twitter followers
  • 128 average viewers on Twitch
  • 700 Subscribers on Youtube

Today we are joined by Warriors7, The Elder Scrolls Legends Card Game competitor and live streamer. This niche card game from a blockbuster game studio has a passionate community that’s quickly growing around a series of online tournaments from WarpedMeta that runs on Battlefy. With over a year of tournaments down, top ranking players have begun to surface. Warrior7 stands above the pack with consistent top 10 placements and many top 3 placements. This competitive success lead to a Twitch partnership and more. Come listen to the story of how a strategy card game competitor and college student started a stream, joined a stream team, won some tournaments, and continually grows his community from his NYC apartment between class. This is Warriors7!

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Video Questions

  1. Tell us your name, username / stream hours, what people may know you best for.
  2. When did you start gaming and how?
  3. How were you first introduced Twitch?
  4. What is it like, being such a high level Legends player? Do other players often seek you out for advice?
  5. How did you first get involved with TES Legends?
  6. Did you discover the competitive world of this game on your own, or did another player/streamer introduce you to it?
  7. What made you decide to start streaming your game play?
  8. Has streaming TES Legends changed the way that you look at the game’s META?
  9. What about from a gameplay standpoint? Has Streaming caused you to change up your play style at all, either from a competitive or practice game standpoint?
  10. What is it like to stream TES Legends? Did you have to build your community on your own, or was there a TES Legends community within twitch already when you started?
  11. When playing at a competitive level, are there any precautions that you need to make while streaming? Much like how large FPS players need to play with a 4 second delay in OBS to counteract “Stream snipers”
  12. Have you ever considered streaming other games besides TES Legends?
  13. A lot of streamers, change their stream greatly overtime to coincide with their audience. Did you have to do that at all, or is your stream very much what it was like when it first started?
  14. How did you first get involved with team simplicity?
  15. What is it like to be apart of a stream team?
  16. Did joining a stream team impact your community at all?
  17. If either someone from your community or someone that is watching this podcast, wanted to start playing Legends, would you have any tips or tricks that you would recommend to them?
  18. Where there any unexpected hurdles that you encountered when trying to become an Legends streamer?
  19. Where there any hurdles that you expected but did not hit?
  20. If you had a chance to change one thing about the Twitch platform, would you change anything and if so, what would it be?
  21. What is your favorite accomplishment doing what you do?

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