Ninja614 On Honesty, Awareness, and Dedication to the Grind

Ninja614’s Stats

  • 18k Twitch Followers
  • 3.4k Twitter Followers
  • 245 Average Viewers on Twitch
  • 7.5k YouTube Subscribers

Today we are joined by Ninja614,  a mainly ESO Twitch streamer and member of the simplicity stream team. As an ex software developer and entrepreneur, his path to becoming an online content creator seemed destined to be. From his experience teaching audio and video on his youtube channel to his life time love for dungeon diving loot collecting rpg type games, Ninja was destined for this. Come listen to a charismatic father with a rapidly growing audience share with us the wisdom he’s collected over the years. Whether its honesty, awareness, or dedication to the grind his actions speak louder than his words. This is Ninja614

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Video Questions

  1. Tell us your name, username / stream hours, what people may know you best for.
  2. When did you start gaming and how?
  3. How were you first introduced Twitch?
  4. What is it like, being both a Father and Streamer? Do you get extra brownie points from your son?
  5. How did your son first get involved with your stream? Was this his or your suggestion?
  6. Whats up with the Cheeze-its?
  7. How did you first get involved with team simplicity?
  8. What is it like to be apart of a stream team?
  9. Did joining a stream team impact your community at all?
  10. How did you first discover Elder Scrolls online, and what made you fall in love with the game as hard as it did?
  11. What is it like to stream ESO? Did it always have a large streaming community behind it, or did you form your community on your own?
  12. Are there any other games that you would like to stream, but can’t perhaps do to your community not having an interest in it?
  13. Do you ever get the chance to work with other ESO streamers?
  14. If either someone from your community or someone that is watching this podcast, wanted to start playing ESO, are there any beginner tricks that you could tell them, that would either make the game easier to learn, or get good at?
  15. Where there any unexpected hurdles that you encountered when trying to become an ESO streamer?
  16. Where there any hurdles that you expected but did not hit?
  17. What is your opinion on the current state of Twitch the amount of streamers it has? Do you think it has gotten harder for new streamers to start growing a community than it used to be?
  18. If you had a chance to change one thing about the Twitch platform, would you change anything and if so, what would it be?
  19. What is your favorite accomplishment doing what you do?
  20. What has been the greatest lesson in your Stream?
  21. Besides your OPSEAT, what’s your favorite peripheral?

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