HookGangGod Talks About His Journey Becoming The People’s Champion

HookGangGod’s Stats

  • 21k Twitch Followers
  • 17k Twitter Followers
  • 431 Average Viewers on Twitch

Today we are joined by HookGangGod, the peoples champion and break out new star to the competitive fighting scene. With several large wins under his belt including an invitation to the exclusive Red Bull Final Summoning, HookGangGod has gained renown for both his high level of competition, his creative name and his underdog story. With huge wins over SonicFox at the Summit of Power, Hook became an online sensation and solidified his communities faith in his skills. Now, after the first year of his competition is coming to a close, his focus on streaming content and improving has never been keener. Come learn what it takes to go from getting fired from a dead end job to a break out star and a household name in the fighting world in the blink of an eye. This, is HookGangGod.

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Video Questions

  1. Please tell us your username and what people most know you for.
  2. When did you start gaming and how?
  3. What brought you to the world of competition for Dragon Ball Z FighterZ?
  4. Your professional career seems to have aligned with the release of DBZ FighterZ. What about this sparked your now legendary year in DBZ?
  5. How did you realize you could be a professional gamer?
  6. Tell me about your experience in becoming a pro FighterZ gamer. What was the process like getting into your first few events?
  7. You got started since you were ranked in the top 10 best players online. How has the online gameplay translated to the in person events?
  8. Is it becoming more familiar to operate in person vs online? What tips can you give to those hoping to make that jump as well?
  9. Now that you’ve risen to the top most competitive brackets, how do you push further?
  10. HookGangGod is a brand now. You have your own merch shop, you’re rolling. For a lot of players this also means running a Twitch and Youtube channel. What can you tell me about the experience you’ve had streaming and how has your competition impacted this path?
  11. Do you focus on your content generation and brand like with Sony Crackle?
  12. Did Nairo give you any pointers on how to ‘make it’?
  13. What advice can you give someone trying to get into the world of competitive Dragon Ball fighting?
  14. What advice can you give someone on joining a large scale team like NRG?
  15. Would you say that this advice would pertain to other fighting games as well?
  16. What is your favorite thing about playing video games professionally?
  17. What is it like being ranked 5th on PGRZ? Do you get a lot of messages from other players asking for help, or even trying to hire you to “couch” them?
  18. Do you ever get to collaborate with other fighterZ players?
  19. Are there any other games that you play on a daily basis that aren’t FigherZ?
  20. Do you get to know any players of other games in your industry?
  21. What’s your favorite peripheral?

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