AGDQ2019 & Speedrunning as a Career with Glitchcat

Glitchcat7’s Stats

1.7k Twitter followers
6.5k Twitch Followers
73 average viewers

Today we are joined by GlitchCat7, a classic platform speed runner on Twitch who has amassed numerous 1st place times over his 3 years as a pro streamer. With over 400 thousand chanel views and growing, GlitchCat7 has a commanding share of an otherwise smaller niche community of high skill level speedrunners who also live stream. Join us for enlightening look into the world of a speedrun master, who makes games, beats games, and has learned to show up when and where it matters the most. This charity stream enthusiast and all around professional shares with us the secrets of being able to knock a world record while keeping up with chat and never skipping a beat

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Video Questions

  1. Tell us who you are and a little about yourself. ( Tag, name, age, where you’re from, something unique about you)
  2. When and how did you start gaming?
  3. When and how did you start speedrunning?
  4. What types of games do you typically play, and why?
  5. How did you first get involved with Twitch? What made you decide to start streaming on Twitch opposed to Youtube?
  6. You have an amazing portfolio of games that you speed run. What made you pick these specific games?
  7. Out of these games do you have a favorite to speedrun, and if you do why is it your favorite?
  8. Out of all your runs you have an amazing time in Kamikaze Bros 3, which for those of you who may not know is a “Kaizo” romhack which are known to be quite difficult. What made you want to even tackle this behemoth of a game in the first place, and how long did it take you to learn it?
  9. Does your audience ever dictate the direction that you should take your channel, and if so how much of your current content is a result of your audiences feedback? Do you have any examples?
  10. If someone from either your community or the OPSEAT community wanted to learn how to speedrun a game, do you have any tips/tricks for them that might make the learning process easier?
  11. For those aspiring channel creators again. Were there any common errors they should watch out for?
  12. There are so many speedrunners now across almost every game. If someone from your community wanted to start speedrunning on Twitch, is there anything that you could recommend to help them either grow or connect with their community further when trying to make a name for themselves in the dog eats dog world of streaming?
  13. How about errors in speed running?
  14. Tell us more about your journey through becoming a speedrunner. How did you go from 0 to now over 24k followers in such a small niche?
  15. Were there any hurdles that you experienced when growing your channel that you did not expect? How did you overcome them?
  16. It seems you stopped using Youtube 5 months ago. Why the change?
  17. I heard in your latest stream you got interviewed by the local news? Tell me about htat.
  18. Did you ever think you’d have this much success in this field?
  19. During your journey, what would you say your most memorable moment has been?
  20. What would you say your biggest accomplishment as a Streamer has been so far?
  21. You seem to have a very active community that clip a lot of great moments on your channel. Do any of these moments stand out to you as a favorite?
  22. How about your opinions on the potential for a Super Mario Maker on Switch?
  23. Are there any “big plans” in the works that you would that either us, or anyone from your community should keep eye out for?
  24. Besides your OPSEAT, what would you say your favorite peripheral is that you use on a day to day basis with your channel?

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