Becoming a Variety Streamer with Gerberbaby27

Gerberbaby527’s Stats

1.7k Twitter followers

6.5k Twitch Followers

73 average viewers

Today we are joined by Gerberbaby27, a variety streamer who’s raked in nearly 7k followers in a only 15 months. From being raided by Valkia to joining the renown Lost in the Sauce stream team, Gerberbaby has traveled far and gained wisdom beyond his years. His full time job as a Verizon rep, recent marriage, and degree in public speaking prepared him for a quick learning, self taught path. His personality is genuine, his techniques are freshly learned and effective, come listened to what it takes to join a stream team and grow nearly 500% in a year with Gerberbaby27.

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Video Questions

  1. Tell us who you are and a little about yourself. ( Tag, name, age, where you’re from, something unique about you)
  2. What games do you typically play on stream, and why?
  3. When and how did you start gaming?
  4. What made you want to start streaming?
  5. Over the last few months, you’ve played a Variety of different games on your channel. Have you noticed, that your audience’s perception changes depending on what you’re doing on stream, or are you able to move between games/genres fairly easily?
  6. Does your audience ever dictate the direction that you should take your stream, and if so how much of your current stream is a result of your audiences feedback? Do you have any examples?
  7. You’ve been on Twitch since Dec 2014, what would you say your most memorable moment from this has been?
  8. Likewise, what would you say one of the hardest/biggest lessons you’ve learned through this journey have been?
  9. What would you say your biggest accomplishment as a Twitch Streamer has been so far?
  10. For those tuning in, you may not know that Gerberbaby works both a full time job, and streams in his Free time. What is this like? Does your job know that you livestream?
  11. For those tuning in that may also work a full time job and want to dabble in the wonderful world of streaming, do you have any tips or sage advice that you could offer them, to help manage these two worlds at once?
  12. You have a very impressive community standing behind you, even with a somewhat sporadic schedule due to work/home life. This is a hard thing to accomplish for most if they don’t stick to a set schedule.  Would you say this is because you’re so open about what you’re doing on a day to day basis, or do you think you may have just gotten “lucky” to have understanding individuals within your community?
  13. What has your experience in being apart of a Twitch team been like?
  14. How did you first get involved with the LITS team?
  15. Did you encounter any hurdles in growing your Twitch channel that you did not expect?
  16. On the other hand, where there any hurdles that you expected that you perhaps heard through the grapevine when you where toying with the idea of starting a Twitch channel that you did not encounter at all, or where a lot easier than you expected?
  17. If someone either listening in or even from your community wanted to start streaming, and can’t hold a specific schedule week to week either. Would you be able to provide them with any tips/tricks to stay on top and keep the ball rolling?
  18. We recently met up with you at Twitchcon, how was the event from a streamers perspective?
  19. Was your goal of Twitchcon to connect with your fans, hangout with the LITS community, or other brands to help grow your stream?
  20. Besides your OPSEAT, what would you say your favorite peripheral is that you use on a day to day basis with your channel?

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