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Today we are joined by Khasino, Partnered twitch streamer and Master of Marvel’s Strike Force Mobile game. As a number one source for the game’s content, releases, and previews, Khasino talks us through maintaining a good relationship with both developers, and fans. This adaptable content creator wasn’t always a mobile game streamer though. Join us, as we step into the mind of Khasino and learn what it takes to remain successful despite major hurdles, and to set one’s own benchmarks.

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Video Questions

  1. Tell us who you are and a little about yourself. ( Tag, name, age, where you’re from, something unique about you)
  2. When and how did you start gaming?
  3. How did you first get involved with Twitch, and even youtube? What came first?
  4. We’ve noticed that you’re a pro at Marvel’s Strike Force, what made you decide that you wanted to start streaming this game opposed to a more standard game that is streamed to Twitch?
  5. For those that are listening in on this podcast and aren’t aware of this game, are you able to provide us with some general information about it, is it hard to get into? I.e. is there a harsh learning curve
  6. Does your audience ever dictate the direction that you should take your stream, and if so how much of your current content is a result of your audiences feedback? Do you have any examples?
  7. Are there any technical hurdles that you encountered when starting to stream mobile games, and if so what did you have to do to overcome them?
  8. If someone from the community wanted to try producing content for either Marvel’s Strike Force, or even another mobile game, are there any tips and tricks that you would recommend? Perhaps a little known secret to be able to capture your mobile devices display with ease?
  9. If someone from your community wanted to start streaming on Twitch as a general mobile streamer for something like Clash of clans, are there any tips that you would recommend that could help them out when starting their channel? Maybe some common errors that a typical PC or console streamer won’t run into.
  10. Perhaps someone from your community would like to just make Strike force content over on Youtube. Youtube has arguable a lot more “competition” in this space. What would you recommend here?
  11. Running a successful channel and community is a lot of work. Do you use any proprietary software or even hardware that a typical PC or console streamer doesn’t use that helps you keep things running smoothly?
  12. There really aren’t many other streamers that stream this awesome game, why do you think that is? Could it be because your community already offers what most would be looking for, or perhaps the difficulty of becoming a mobile streamer on top of the typical challenges an Average Twitch streamer encounters?
  13. Tell us more about your journey through becoming a content creator. Did you ever think that you would be able to beat the odds and gain as much success as you did?
  14. You seem to have a very active community that clip a lot of great moments on your channel. Do any of these clippable moments stand out to you, and why?
  15. During your journey of becoming a content creator, what would you say your most memorable moment has been?
  16. What would you say your biggest accomplishment as a twitch streamer has been so far?
  17. Are there any “big plans” in the works that you would that either us, or anyone from your community should keep eye out for?
  18. Were there any hurdles that you experienced when growing your channel that you did not expect? How did you overcome them?
  19. Besides your OPSEAT, what would you say your favorite peripheral is that you use on a day to day basis with your channel?

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