ASMR and sustaining an audience with DizzyKitten

DizzyKitten’s Stats

74k Twitter followers
78k Instagram Followers
500k followers on Twitch
1180 average viewers

Today we are joined by variety twitch streamer DizzyKitten. Her twitch stream pulls an average of 1,100 viewers and has amassed a community of over half a million followers. She is currently in her 6th year streaming managing to sustain an incredible audience in both gaming and ASMR. Listen to the story of DizzyKitten as we learn the mentalities, the tools, and the experience gained from years livestreaming and being available to the public eye. Join us as we talk about the realities of creating live content and sustaining an audience for years to come.

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Video Questions

Tell us who you are and a little about yourself. ( Tag, name, age, where you’re from, something unique about you)
When and how did you start gaming?
What types of games do you typically play, and why?
How did you first get involved with Twitch? What made you choose Twitch over other platforms such as Youtube or mixer?
What made you realize that you could start streaming and creating content full time?
Does your audience ever dictate the direction that you should take your stream, and if so how much of your current content is a result of your audiences feedback? Do you have any examples?
You do a lot of ASMR Streams, what made you decide to start streaming ASMR sessions alongside your typical gaming content? Was it the recent uptick of ASMR traffic in the last year? Where you aware and interested in ASMR already, before this?
If someone from your community wanted to start a stream around ASMR, are there any tips that you would recommend that could help them out when starting their channel? Maybe some common errors that they should watch out for?
What if instead of ASMR someone wanted to become a variety streamer, and play all sorts of games, would you have any recommendations for them?
Tell us more about your journey through becoming a content creator. Did you ever think that you would be able to beat the odds and gain as much success as you did?
During your journey of becoming a content creator, what would you say your most memorable moment has been?
What would you say your biggest accomplishment as a twitch streamer has been so far?
There are a lot of other IRL content creators around. Are there any “common errors” that you see others making that they should be aware of, when trying to become known within the community?
You seem to have a very active community that clip a lot of great moments on your channel. Do any of these moments stand out to you as a favorite?
We’ve been peeking at your channel for over a year now, due to you having both such a great community and content. However over the course of this, we’ve seen you play a lot of different games on your channel. Out of all of these games, what would you say your favorite one is to stream, and why?
Are there any “big plans” in the works that you would that either us, or anyone from your community should keep eye out for?
Were there any hurdles that you experienced when growing your channel that you did not expect? How did you overcome them?
We see that you were also at Twitchcon 2018, how was it from a content creators perspective?
What was your main goal at Twitchcon? Was it to perhaps get the opportunity to meet some of your community, or try and make connections with other great companys?
Besides your OPSEAT, what would you say your favorite peripheral is that you use on a day to day basis with your channel?

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