TheHungerService on Creating Delectable Content, Creative Streams, and Building a Community!

The Hunger Service’s Stats

  • 1.5k Twitter followers
  • 17k Twitch followers
  • 443,000 Channel Views
  • 65 Average Viewers

Join us this week on the VIDEOPOCAST as we sit down with a Twitch Partner who found his own way to entertain his audience! The Hunger Service delights his viewers in delicious treats, recipes, and beautiful cuisine. Learn about his story, and the years perfecting the craft for his community!

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  1. 2019 is about halfway done.How have things been going for you?
  2. For those that may not know, What would most people recognize you for?
  3. I’m sure that for a lot of people listening, becoming a Twitch Partner is one of their biggest goals. How did you manage to snag the coveted Checkmark and how has it impacted your stream?
  4. Let’s go back for a moment and get some context for people. When and how did you find an audience for cooking streams on twitch?
  5. How did your online content creation begin?
  6. What can you tell me about this journey from your first video to where you are now?
  7. At what point were you able to realize that streaming could replace the traditional job?
  8. Seeing that you mix things up with gaming, and cooking, which do you find easier?
  9. What was it like streaming for your first time?
  10. Did this start as a creative outlet or are you pushing to make it a bigger more profitable business?
  11. How does your stream or its audience impact what you do? Do they recommend dishes?
  12. You’re an extremely engaging and positive streamer that encourages your audience to be open with the community, When did this passion take place?
  13. Could you tell us a little bit more about the #WeAreSuperRare?
  14. You’ve spent an incredible amount of time putting together new dishes, recipes, and delicious treats, what is your favorite?
  15. Did you ever see yourself doing this kind of thing?
  16. What’s your opinion on the current state streaming as profession?
  17. I’m sure you have faith in Twitch but are there other things you see on the horizon? Where do other streaming platforms fit into your mindset?
  18. You have spent several years on Twitch. How has the platform changed?
  19. What advice can you give someone trying to become a content creator or streamer?
  20. Where do you go to learn more about what you do?
  21. Over the years there are bound to be things that don’t go the way you had hoped. If you don’t mind sharing, what has been your biggest or most memorable failure or learning experience in your path as an online personality?
  22. Are you planning on heading to any events soon where people can come meet you? Do you plan on going to TwitchCon in 2019 in San Diego?
  23. It doesn’t have to be your OPSEAT but what’s your favorite peripheral?

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