OPSEAT and JustPlayPokemon on “Does The Streamer Make The Platform, or Does The Platform Make The Streamer?”

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Join us for the latest episode of the OPSEAT VIDEOPODCAST as we sat down with members of the OPSEAT team and JustPlayPokemon! During this LIVE videopodcast, we discussed recent events that have stirred up the streaming ecosystem. We aimed to answer the question “Does The Platform Make The Streamer, or Does The Streamer Make The Platform.” Check it out!


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  1. We will be discussing a fairly hot topic in the streaming world as of late.. As contracts and platform changes have become more and more prominent, it’s left a lot of people asking: does your platform matter? Does it define you? Or do you define the platform you’re on?
  2. We appreciate you joining us today! If you could, please tell us your name and what most people might recognize you for.
  3. How did your online content creation begin?
  4. What led you to choose your name?
  5. What’s your opinion on the current state streaming/content creation as a profession?
  6. Who are the top running platforms, and what’s the difference between them?
  7. Why are you attracted to the platform you’re on? What makes it special?
  8. Do you feel you are limited by the bounds of your platform?
  9. When certain high profiles are changing platforms, do you feel like it’s appropriate or ethical to have that switch leaked before hand? (Slasher announced CourageJD’s change to Youtube before he had the chance to announce himself)
  10. What advantages do you feel your platform has?
  11. How do you feel about the recent “contract changes” that have occurred? Is this beginning to treat streamers differently than they had prior?
  12. Do you feel you’re defined by your platform? That the label of “Twitch streamer or Youtube Personality” can change how people see you?
  13. What do you do to separate yourself from other creators? Do you feel like you can do this easier on Twitch, or Youtube?
  14. Which platform do you feel is the biggest underdog, but shows the most scalable capabilities?
  15. Do you feel that you’re presented the same opportunities with sponsorships, brand endorsements, etc with the platform that you’re on?

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