FerociousFalcons on Persevering Through Roadblocks and Building a Supportive Community

FerociousFalcon’s Stats

  • 12k Twitch Followers
  • 31 Twitch Average Viewers
  • 101K Channel Views
  • 2.6k Twitter followers

Join us this week on the VIDEOPODCAST as we sit down with FerociousFalcons! Learn about persevering through roadblocks, rebranding a channel, and how to use tools outside of Twitch to build a sustainable community! Through years of creating content, competing, and traveling for Super Smash Brothers, this streamer tells the story of how he found success and provides crucial tips on how you might be able to do the same. Check it out today!

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  1. For those that may not know, What would most people recognize you for?
  2. How did your online content creation begin?
  3. When and how did you feel you were able to find an audience for what you stream on twitch?
  4. What can you tell me about this journey from your first video to where you are now?
  5. You’ve been streaming for quite some time now, what has been your favorite game to stream?
  6. We’re recently seen your trailer for “Ferocious Falcons Are Back Baby”, Can you tell us more about some of the things you have planned?
  7. Would you say that streaming pushes your career further, or the connections with companies that you’ve made?
  8. Did this start as a creative outlet or are you pushing to make it a bigger more profitable business?
  9. How does your stream or its audience impact what you do?
  10. Can you tell us a little bit more about your time at CEO 2019, and what keeps bringing you back?
  11. You’ve spent most of your time streaming games like super smash brothers, what keeps you and your audience glued to the game?
  12. Do you have any tips for switching between directories on twitch?
  13. Did you ever see yourself doing this kind of thing?
  14. What’s your opinion on the current state streaming as profession?
  15. I’m sure you have faith in Twitch but are there other things you see on the horizon? Where do other streaming platforms fit into your mindset?
  16. You have spent several years on Twitch. How has the platform changed?
  17. You mentioned having a media team, what do you guys typically work on?
  18. Why do you prefer creating live content?
  19. What advice can you give someone trying to become a content creator or streamer?
  20. Where do you go to learn more about what you do?
  21. Over the years there are bound to be things that don’t go the way you had hoped. If you don’t mind sharing, what has been your biggest or most memorable failure or learning experience in your path as an online personality?
  22. Are you planning on heading to any events soon where people can come meet you? Do you plan on going to TwitchCon in 2019 in San Diego?
  23. It doesn’t have to be your OPSEAT but what’s your favorite peripheral?
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