Our Top 25 Partners

OPSEAT is a proud support of Twitch and Youtube streamers of all kinds. Our passion for gaming and the kind of stuff gamers love has lead us into close relationships with lots of different channels. From worlds largest to just getting started, we are proud to present our partners to you. If you or your friends are youtube or twitch streamers, and would like to be considered for partnership, please apply for an individual or team application on our application page.

Top 25 Partnered Streamers and Youtubers

Want to be listed here? Join our partner program here and sign up to be an official OPSEAT partner. Once approved, follow the Getting started guide to start affiliate marketing OPSEAT chairs and make $15 each. The top 25 partners with the most sales have their youtube or twitch channels listed here. The list is updated daily automatically based on live stats.

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