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The problem all gaming centers face

Our experience shows that LAN Centers, Game Bars, and other Gaming establishments struggle to provide impressive gaming chairs for their customers without spending a ton of money. It’s an inevitability that with the volume of traffic you hope to garner in your game center, the chairs break down over time. As a result, centers either spend huge amounts of capital to replace premium chairs or settle for low quality chairs that are underwhelming and need replacement more often. Your customers deserve better and we’ve come up with the perfect solution to outfit your stations with the leading brand of gaming chairs.

How we can help

We can offer your gaming center with unparalleled pricing which includes a bumper to bumper 1 Year Warranty. You can now relax with the ease of mind knowing that with our VIP support and fast turn around, you will never have to spend money on replacement parts or scramble to get a new chair again. We are proud to offer heavily discounted pricing on your order and will repair or replace any damages guaranteed for 1 year.

Why gaming centers partner with us

PEACE OF MIND – 1 year free of replacement parts or chairs.
CUSTOMER SERVICE – Dedicated customer service representative.
DISCOUNT PRICING – Save money and fix your annual chair costs.
PREMIUM CHAIRS – Get our best gaming chair, the Grand Master.
FEATURED CENTERS – Be listed on our website and gain visibility and customers from our huge exposure

What we expect from you

Placement of an OPSEAT wall banner in your center.
Placement of OPSEAT coupon cards for your customers.
Maintain chairs in good appearance and working condition
Send us some pictures of your awesome gaming center.

Free Shipping

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

2 Year Warranty

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